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About The Brand Oak73

The Name

Oak73 is the street address on which creator Matthew Dunne grew up and the year in which his parents met. Nurtured by the encouragement and support of loved ones, Oak73 is first and foremost made possible by family. Like family, the oak tree, with its deep roots and great strength, is a source of endurance and stability.

With more than 60 species in the US, there is an oak tree that grows naturally in every state. Mimicking the natural behavior and characteristics of the oak tree, we seek to establish a national presence in manufacturing all product in the USA, supporting on-shoring and the Made in America movement.

Original. American. Kind.


Oak73 is committed to delivering the freshest fashions. With a focus on what’s trending and our close proximity to our factories, Oak73 brings you what you want, when you want it—which we know is now, not next year.


At Oak73 we are dedicated to the Made in America movement producing all products between New York and LA. This initiative, growing stronger each day, seeks to strengthen our local economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, all while setting a new standard for a more socially responsible manufacturing process.


We support well-run, quality-driven local manufacturers, who do not rely on unjust, low-cost labor. Kindness is benevolence and good nature, a sensibility that resonates in our designs. It is also being considerate and conscientious about all things—even where your clothing comes from!

Matt bw
Matthew Dunne / Founder

Matthew Dunne has ten plus years’ experience in websites, graphics, clothing/product design, and retail. He earned a BFA from the University of Michigan in Graphic Design and Illustration. After college, he worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for Polo Ralph Lauren and Avon Products.

In 2009, he attended Parsons earning an AAS degree in Fashion Design. While at Parsons, Matthew interned in the design departments of Isaac Mizrahi, J. Mendel, The Row and Carolina Herrera. Upon graduating, he worked as a Design Consultant at Michael Kors and then as the personal illustrator of Chris Burch at Burch Creative Capital. Eventually at BCC, Matthew became the Associate Apparel and Product Designer for C. Wonder.

Matthew currently works as a Design Consultant for such clients as Saks Fifth Avenue and Kate Spade, and is the founder of Oak73.

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